Beyainatu, Ethiopian Dish Combo Platter


Lalibela Ethiopian  Restaurant Beyainatu

In most Ethiopian restaurants they always have varieties of “beyainatu” meat and veggie combos Beyainatu simply means a little potion of this a little potion of that from the menu. It’s very popular in Ethiopian restaurants. The veggie version of beyainatu is very popular to Ethiopian Orthodox Christians during religious fasting period when they abstain from all meat and dairy product. This gives people the choice to try various dishes in the menu. This is a nice choice for customers that wants to try varieties of dishes.

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant menu is very platter oriented as it gives you a choice of 2 veggie sides per entree. We also have a beyainatu-veggie-combo that gives you a choice of 6 different veggies from among 14 different 100% vegan entrees.
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