Entree (Beef)

08. Meklit's Kitfo


The delicacy of Ethiopian dishes, Minced beef tossed in kibe (spiced and clarified home made Ethiopian butter)and mitmita (Ethiopian Chili powder).Served with aiyb (fresh Ethiopian cheese) and gomen (collard greens).


09. Gored Gored

Tender beef cubes sauteed in kibe (spiced and clarified Ethiopian butter) with onions, green peper, garlic and Ethiopian chilipowder.


10. Tibs Wat

Chunks of beef slowly simmered in an red onion and berebere spice based stew.


11. Yequanta Firfir

Smoked and dried beef (on wooden charcoal) seasoned with Ethiopian spices mixed in with pieces of injera.


12. Lalibela Tibs

Lalibela Tibs

Lalibela’s specialty, beef cubes marinated and sauteed in olive oil, red onions, green pepper, garlic and exotic Ethiopian spices.


13. Gomen Besiga

Beef cubes sauteed in collard greens with Ethiopian herbs and spices.


14. Bozina Shiro

Chunks of beef is marinated in a ground roasted chick pea sauce and sauteed.